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Below having fun with the horses

Below are just some of the places we have been


Cinderella Carriage A Dream Come True Romantic Horse Drawn Carriage for your event.
WE ARE LOCATED IN PA. But we will travel we have servised New Jersey, New York, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Mass., Michigan, Conn., Ohio, Georgia AND SURROUNDING STATES. Our Cinderella carriages with white horses have been in movies, been on MTV, TLC MASTER OF RECEPTIONS, TLC MY BIG FAT AMERICAN GYPSY WEDDING in 2011 and PREMIER SHOW 2016, SAY YES TO THE DRESS THE BIG DAY 2016 ABC show for Extreme Home Makeover, local TV stations in Pa. Chanel 69 One Tank Trip, we have done ads for other businesses worked with celebrities such as Bam, Michael Keaton, Mark Walburg, Yung Joc, Akon, Dejesus, and others we have had many queens and princesses from towns and organizations such as the Preakness Princess and Miss Newark New Jersey just to mention a few. This is a one of its kind cinderella carriage designed and built here at Bee Tree Trail. We are proud of this cinderella carriage pulled by white horses it is a dream come true for allot of people, carriage rental has been used in weddings, proms, wedding engagements, dinner rides, birthday parties from 4 years old to country carriage rides for senior citizens and anniversaries, Cinderella carriage has been used for charity events like at Camp Can Do a program by the American Cancer Society for children with cancer, relay for life, by Autism and for a family that was scheduled to go to Disney world when the mother was diagnosed with a life threatening case of cancer we helped bring disney world to them in Maryland, helped with the Make-a-wish foundation also a blue ribbon winner at several draft horse commercial hitch classes. Contact us for your horse drawn Cinderella carriage ride fill out the QUOTE FORM ON LINE and we will send you a QUOTE WAY OF E_MAIL. Maybe we can help you make a dream come true.

What is involved to do a wedding or other events.

We start with breakfast 5:30 am, the boys are wide a wake and ready to eat. They are fed hay first which is a timothy, alfalfa mix, then we mix the their food, 2 quarts oats, electrolytes, Vitamin E and selenium, and Ultimate Finish,and Beet pulp, by now they are banging dishes, after their grain we make sure they have water. Mike and Pat will drink as much as 50 gallons a day.

Now its my turn, by the time I get my breakfast down its time to hook up trucks and load carriages, batteries, poles, brushes, conditioner, clothes, diaper bags, lines and bridles. Most of the time we are getting 2 trucks ready, Susie will go one way and I'm going another.

Depending on what time we need to be there we may start the night before, everything is loaded and now its most likely 9 am and we still need to wash horses. That's right warm water and Mane and Tail shampoo for the boys, leaves them smelling a little less horsey and not to mention soft and easy to comb manes and tails, scrape them off. This takes about an hour to wash 2 horses and we cant forget the hoof dressing it helps keep the horses feet from drying out on the hot blacktop.

Now for the harnesses, some times if its not to far to go we will harness at home before we leave in case of poor parking, and not to much room to work, with the trucks hooked to the trailers we are about 45 ft long that takes a big lot to get around in.

Well its got to be about 10:30 or so and we are ready to go, don't forget the direction, cell phone #'s, and the names of who we are picking up. Lets say the ride takes place an hour away and we arrive about 12 o'clock.

For the next hour we will get horses out, assemble carriages, and start to clean them, yeah that's right when we get there the carriages and harnesses get cleaned and conditioned, and horses brushed before we start, and Susie will also spend time doing a maine roll and ribbons to the horses, we don't do Mike and Pat they are not thrilled to have their maine's done up.

I think we are ready for that 2 o'clock event oh wait, I got to change clothes yet, Top hat and Tails, tie and boots, ok now I'm ready. We are early as usual and the bride is late, we finally get started take the bride to the ceremony, 1/2 hour ceremony, short ride around the block, back in church for pictures, 1 hr later we are on our way to the hall, 1/2 hr ride bride and groom reach the hall and back to the trailer or if its along ride I will have help and they will drive the truck to another location to pack up, everything is loaded and now its about 4pm, I forgot we didn't have lunch yet so I guess we will stop some where on the way home.

Well we made it home lets get the horses off the trailers we need to wash harnesses and rinse off the horses, I don't know about you but I'm slowing down about now and its only 7pm, well I got to hay and feed and water horses yet, so its about 7:30 now and I am headed for the chair, by the time 9pm rolls around the eyes are heavy and the bed is not far off its only saturday we get to do this again tomorrow.

Do we work every weekend ?

We are not always booked but, we still hitch horses if we have time, we need to keep the horses exercised so they keep good muscle tone for the next job so its not so hard on them.

Or Phone Dave at 484-645-3411

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