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Below having fun with the horses

Below are just some of the places we have been


Cinderella Carriage A Dream Come True Romantic Horse Drawn Carriage for your event.
WE ARE LOCATED IN PA. But we will travel we have servised New Jersey, New York, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Mass., Michigan, Conn., Ohio, Georgia AND SURROUNDING STATES. Our Cinderella carriages with white horses have been in movies, been on MTV, TLC MASTER OF RECEPTIONS, TLC MY BIG FAT AMERICAN GYPSY WEDDING in 2011 and PREMIER SHOW 2016, SAY YES TO THE DRESS THE BIG DAY 2016 ABC show for Extreme Home Makeover, local TV stations in Pa. Chanel 69 One Tank Trip, we have done ads for other businesses worked with celebrities such as Bam, Michael Keaton, Mark Walburg, Yung Joc, Akon, Dejesus, and others we have had many queens and princesses from towns and organizations such as the Preakness Princess and Miss Newark New Jersey just to mention a few. This is a one of its kind cinderella carriage designed and built here at Bee Tree Trail. We are proud of this cinderella carriage pulled by white horses it is a dream come true for allot of people, carriage rental has been used in weddings, proms, wedding engagements, dinner rides, birthday parties from 4 years old to country carriage rides for senior citizens and anniversaries, Cinderella carriage has been used for charity events like at Camp Can Do a program by the American Cancer Society for children with cancer, relay for life, by Autism and for a family that was scheduled to go to Disney world when the mother was diagnosed with a life threatening case of cancer we helped bring disney world to them in Maryland, helped with the Make-a-wish foundation also a blue ribbon winner at several draft horse commercial hitch classes. Contact us for your horse drawn Cinderella carriage ride fill out the QUOTE FORM ON LINE and we will send you a QUOTE WAY OF E_MAIL. Maybe we can help you make a dream come true.

Most Frequently Asked Questions


Bee Tree Trail will travel to almost all location with in reason. We have been as far east as Mass. as far north as Quebec Canada, west to Michigan and south to Atlanta georgia.
Horses can travel for miles but , what you need to know it takes 1 hour to go 5 miles in a carriage.
We have given carriage rides in Massachusetts, Michigan, Baltimore Md, Brooklyn New York, New Jersey, Royersford Pa., Boyertown Pa., Reading Pa., Allentown Pa., Sellersville Pa., New Tripoli Pa., Bethlehem Pa., West Reading Pa., Wyomissing Pa., West Lawn Pa., Skippack Pa., Vera Cruz Pa., Strausstown Pa., Hamburg Pa., Kimberton Pa., Pottstown Pa., Summit Station Pa., Pottsville Pa., Kempton Pa., Kutztown Pa., Newark NJ, Garfield NJ, Parsippany NJ, Edison NJ, Queens NY, Staten Island, Long Island Willimington DE, Cambridge MD these are just a few of the places we have been.

Fill out the pricing form on the website for quotes.
If it is for a Wedding ? we custom design each wedding, no two are a like, and the price is not all the same, depends on the miles we will travel, and the time we will spend there and the things you would like us to do.
If we were to charge by the hour the prices would be rather high, since you tell me it starts at 2pm and i will be done at 4pm that is 2 hours, so your late , quests are late, so now it starts at 2:30 pm and i have been there since 2pm, so everything else is late and i don't get done till 5:30 pm now we are over by 1 1/2 hours. No one wants to pay for the time i sat there doing nothing! If we need to be some where after your event we will let you know ahead of time so we can leave at a reasonable time. Time is allotted for you incase it should run reasonably late. If you would run late and the driver has time we would hope the driver would be taken care of.

THE PRICE OF CARRIAGE RIDES you are given is for the work you want us to do. Each carriage and each event is different causing different Prices.
If you want changes you need to speak with us before the event !

It takes 1 hour to go 5 miles or 15 minutes per mile.

We determine what horses go where depending on the jobs they need to do and carriage they are pulling, for the most part at this time Bob and Mack pull the cinderella carriage. There is no guarantee that these will be your horses if they are ill or throw a shoe before your event they might not be able to do the job. Then the horse is replaced with what we have available. We offer two horses for at least every event if a horse should be ill and can not be replaced the carriage will come with one horse if it can be done.

Clean horses ?
Horses get a bath before we leave for your location. We use a mane n' tail and body horse shampoo by Straight Arrow Products that will leave the horses smelling good. We wash our horses first with spray n' wash Straight Arrow Product spray it on and then lightly spray with spray n' white and then scrub it in that just makes your horses the whitest they can be and help them stay clean with a horse hair conditioner to keep them soft. Straight Arrow also has hair shampoo for humans and hair conditioner for humans if it is good enough for me it should work on my horses.

Horse hair ?
YES there will be some horse hair! Horses get a bath before we leave for your location and brushed and combed on location before harnessing. Horses tails are braided using easy braid by Straight Arrow.

The Carriages can be closed for transportation and we will help you in and out with large umbrella's.The only time we would cancel if it would lightning. Depending on what we did if anything for your event you would be reimbursed.

It will Cost at least $300.00 Per Carriage for that date.

NO, Unless I would cancel do to bad storm, then we would return your deposit with in 30 days of the event.
Some deposits of cancellations maybe reused for another date.

Manure ?
We have bags attached to the horse and carriage it is only 95% effective. We do clean up areas where we are working in and where we park. For tours you need to supply water for rinsing urine of the area.

When do we arrive ?
If your event is at 4 pm and you are a long ways from us and we don't get caught in traffic we most likely will arrive between 1:30 and 2:00pm unless we get caught in traffic. Why so early? Carriages are recleaned when we arrive to remove dust from the ride to you. Horses are gone over to be sure no large manure stains. Horses are Harnessed at the location of parking. Harness is cleaned also on location.

Truck and Trailer parking ?
Since we live in Pa. and travel to many other locations you are responsible to find us parking in your area we normally do not come out to see the locations we are parking. What you need to know is that the space we need is no less the 60 feet to park the truck these trucks are almost as long as tractor trailers. Some one way streets are to narrow to go through, some packing lots are to small to get into and we are 10 feet tall. Suggestions, have police block off area at your location along the the street or find a business parking area, municipality parking area, super markets, church lots, reception halls that will allow us to park there for a few hours if parking is not available or the distance to return to truck is to far we can bring another driver with but there is a charge. If you do not have parking for us with in a few blocks of the event we will leave. NO REFUNDS.

It takes same amount of work for me to come to you no matter what you want to do. So cost is figured out mileage plus time you want us.

YES, for a certificate of proof insurance it can only be faxed or mailed to you by my insurance co. they like to know where we are at and what we are doing since EQUINE insurance is hard to come by.
The info needed is: address of where it is taking place.
The name of place
The date and time of event :
Address or Fax it is to be sent to :

NO!! People loose fingers every year from feeding horses from their hands. Our horses only get fed at home and in buckets.

UNDER SUPERVISION yes, it is not recommended horses being used all day may tend to get tired of being touched. They are working horses and happy to get out on the town. But get cranky just like people. We do Not want anyone injured but they are there for your enjoyment.

FULL PAYMENT must be paid 10 days before event by check or money order.

What makes us different from the other carriage co.?
The carriages we are using most we built to fit the peoples needs, easy entry carriages for brides with large gowns easy to step in and are of our own design most can not be found else where. We have carriages that make it easier for handicapped people and senior citizens to use. Horses most use the standardbred style horse used from race tacks or amish buggy horses built for speed so you travel farther quicker but see less, most of those horses could not go where we can because they don't have the strength to pull the weight up hills so it limits you to where they can go and limits you to the amount of people you can transport we limit our carriages to seating comfortable. Most 6 passenger carriages only seat 4 average size people in gown and tux more then that you have to put your arm around the person next to you. Our horses are a high bred draft horse used mostly for showing their step is different then a normal draft horse used on farms to do farming, they lift their feet high moving proud and head held high. This type horse is called a Grey Percheron originated in france these horse are born almost black with a few white hairs and get whiter as they get older, some get white quite early, these are hard to find good ones that is, they are also designed to pull heavy loads so they are not build for speed but for a nice relaxing ride when they trout down the road. Most carriage companies only use one horse. We find that horses are more comfortable being with another horse and less likely to cause problems, so we always bring 2 horses to your event. Most carriage companies charge by the hour normally the cost is for 2 hours with Bee Tree Trail our minimum charge is for an hour why pay for 2 hours if you don't need it? So my cost most likely will be less. Most have a limited travel distance Bee Tree Trail will travel as far as you wish most times you don't have the time to travel to far since it takes 1 hour to go 5 miles in the carriage.

Why does it cost so much I only want it for 15minutes?
Whether you need me for 15 minutes or 5 hours the horses get a bath it takes 1 hour to bath 2 horses, we leave to arrive at your location at least 2 hours before you event so if you are 1 hour driving time away from our location i leave 3 hours before we need to be ready for your event that will give us one hour to get ready and a hour in case we get caught in traffic and have to make a detour or flat tire or we need to stop for fuel. We get set up and your late may not be your fault guest mat be late limo had a flat pastor is late or the service before you is late or receiving line took longer then you thought i have been in business for years did hundreds of weddings and can count on one hand a wedding started and ended on time. NORMALLY your 15 minute ride 1 hour away from us will take no less then 4 hours to do.
Not to mention costs the horses eat 4 times a day, the cost to house them, the cost of shampoo and hot water, the cost of fuel for truck, the cost of horse insurance, truck insurance, farm insurance, carriage insurance, liability insurance, wear and tear on the carriages, horses, harness, trucks and me the cost of decoration, cost of my living expenses and TAXES we are a business just like other businesses we also would like to see a profit this is not our hobby.

What is involved to do a wedding, sweet sixteen, anniversary or other events.
We start with breakfast 5:30 am, the boys are wide a wake and ready to eat. They are fed hay first which is a timothy, alfalfa mix, then we mix the their food, 2 quarts oats, electrolytes, Vitamin E and selenium, and Ultimate Finish,and Beet pulp, by now they are banging dishes, after their grain we make sure they have water. Mike and Pat will drink as much as 50 gallons a day.

Now its my turn, by the time I get my breakfast down its time to hook up trucks and load carriages, batteries, poles, brushes, conditioner, clothes, diaper bags, lines and bridles. Most of the time we are getting 2 trucks ready, Susie will go one way and I'm going another.

Depending on what time we need to be there we may start the night before, everything is loaded and now its most likely 9 am and we still need to wash horses. That's right warm water and Mane and Tail shampoo for the boys, leaves them smelling a little less horsey and not to mention soft and easy to comb manes and tails, scrape them off. This takes about an hour to wash 2 horses and we cant forget the hoof dressing it helps keep the horses feet from drying out on the hot blacktop.

Now for the harnesses, some times if its not to far to go we will harness at home before we leave in case of poor parking, and not to much room to work, with the trucks hooked to the trailers we are about 45 ft long that takes a big lot to get around in.

Well its got to be about 10:30 or so and we are ready to go, don't forget the direction, cell phone #'s, and the names of who we are picking up. Lets say the ride takes place an hour away and we arrive about 12 o'clock.

For the next hour we will get horses out, assemble carriages, and start to clean them, yeah that's right when we get there the carriages and harnesses get cleaned and conditioned, and horses brushed before we start, and Susie will also spend time doing a maine roll and ribbons to the horses, we don't do Mike and Pat they are not thrilled to have their maine's done up.

I think we are ready for that 2 o'clock event oh wait, I got to change clothes yet, Top hat and Tails, tie and boots, ok now I'm ready. We are early as usual and the bride is late, we finally get started take the bride to the ceremony, 1/2 hour ceremony, short ride around the block, back in church for pictures, 1 hr later we are on our way to the hall, 1/2 hr ride bride and groom reach the hall and back to the trailer or if its along ride I will have help and they will drive the truck to another location to pack up, everything is loaded and now its about 4pm, I forgot we didn't have lunch yet so I guess we will stop some where on the way home.

Well we made it home lets get the horses off the trailers we need to wash harnesses and rinse off the horses, I don't know about you but I'm slowing down about now and its only 7pm, well I got to hay and feed and water horses yet, so its about 7:30 now and I am headed for the chair, by the time 9pm rolls around the eyes are heavy and the bed is not far off its only saturday we get to do this again tomorrow.

Do we work every weekend ?
We are not always booked but, we still hitch horses if we have time, we need to keep the horses exercised so they keep good muscle tone for the next job so its not so hard on them. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CONTACT US WITH OTHER QUESTIONS IF YOU SHOULD HAVE ONE, WE WOULD BE HAPPY TO ANSWER YOU.

Or Phone Dave at 484-645-3411

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